I write words that spread universal magic.

I write words that spread universal magic.

A writer who pens
from the heart, not the
corporate thesaurus.

You don’t believe in coincidences: neither do I. That’s why you’re reading this. That’s why I wrote it for you.

You’re on this page for one of two reasons:

– You’ve seen my typewritten notes, digital poems or moon guides and you’d like to buy one. Well, swing my pendulum – you’d be better off on this page over here.    

– Or you have a business that serves people but you can’t find the words or time to tell them what you want to. You’re missing opportunities to spread positive energy and create change. And, of course, get sales. (It’s not bad to admit that.)

Corporate waffle and pushy sales methods aren’t your style. They make you feel sad, like when someone touches your crystals without asking. Your business mantra focusses on abundance for everyone, not scarcity tactics or pushing fear.

What excites you is content that speaks to people’s souls and makes their lives better. The sales wins come naturally from it. That’s my vibe too. Let me help share your light with the world.

How can I help you create good blog content?

Is your blog page flowing like you’re stuck in permanent Mercury retrograde? Do any of these sound familiar?

If you relate, I can help!

If you relate,
I can help!

Think of me as the citrine to your solar plexus – I unblock your creativity and sunshine. Flanked by my spirit guides I’ll fan your blog intentions like I would a sage stick in a house my ex-boyfriend departed. And, together, we’ll create magnetic copy that manifests your dream customers [cackle if you’re inclined].

Want to know a bit more about my services and prices before we chat (I see you introverts 😉)? Hop on your virtual broomstick and travel over here.

Word weaver and daydream believer

I’m Lynsey, an English Lit Graduate who’s certified in Reiki and Crystal Healing. I create captivating blog content that siren calls to your dream customers (without all the dark, creepy murderous mermaid stuff). I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland but I can send words anywhere.

Why hire me?

We’re in this dimension to sparkle and share our unique gifts. Let me unravel and tell your real story – not the one you think people want to hear. Because I know you’re destined to help humanity and raise the collective vibration. Together, we’ll do this in a relatable way through Fairy Pool clear blog content.

Or are you ready to create powerful blogs that attract soulmate customers?

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