If I could only make one call

A hand-typed note to tell your friend that you appreciate and love them. It shows them how much they mean to you. 


Perfect for a friend’s birthday or just to make their day!


This is an A6 hand-typed uplifting poem on luxurious flower-embedded cotton or Lokta plant paper. The cotton paper with yellow flowers comes in a matching cotton paper envelope. The Lokta plant paper with lilac cornflowers comes in a classy parchment paper envelope. Both are beautifully sealed with a crescent moon and stars-shaped wax stamp and dried flower embellishment. The whole effect is decadent, special and harks back to years gone by. It has that “vintage vibe” that so many people adore.


Because of the nature of the materials, each item is utterly unique. Colours and flowers may differ slightly from those in the photos. If you have a preference then message me at the time of ordering and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.


The completed gift will be placed in a separate brown hard-backed envelope and posted to you.


The poem reads:


“If I could only make one call, 

I wouldn’t hesitate

to dial your number in my phone;

you’re my ride or die mate. 


Like Thelma to Louise,

And Harry to Hermione.

A heart-to-heart with you

makes all my problems tiny.


You’re like tea mixed with honey 

when I’ve got an aching cough.

You know all my hidden skeletons

And it doesn’t scare you off.


When friends were given out,

I won the lottery prize.

I’m blessed to have you with me

to surf life’s lows and highs.”