Which Crystals for Coronavirus Lockdown?

I don’t think I’ve felt quite so many emotions in such a short space of time than I have during this coronavirus lockdown. I’ve felt: sadness for all the people affected; anger at the people ignoring advice; anxiety about money (I’m self-employed); helplessness because I can’t go out and support vulnerable people the way I would like to (I’m at home with two young kids); worry about my mum (she works in the admissions ward at a local hospital); and a million other feelings that keep bubbling to the surface. Are you the same?

These are all normal reactions, I know. But I also know that living in a heightened state of anxiety and fear is not good for me, or anyone else for that matter. That’s why I’m trying to work through my emotions, meet them face on and keep myself calm and level headed.

There are various crystals I have been using throughout the coronavirus lockdown to help me stay calm, protect my energy and accept this brave new world we’re crossing into. Here are some crystals for coronavirus lockdown:

For anxiety

Amethyst works like a natural tranquiliser so I place it around my home to bring in a calm atmosphere. I’ve been wearing a tumblestone in my bra too. Blue kyanite or chalcedony are also stones that can help encourage calmness (and they’re good for sore throats too). I also sometimes hold green calcite whenever I feel panicky or Lepidolite when I feel stressed.

It seems like there is a lot to worry about right now as there is so much uncertainty around the future. If I feel scared then I try to focus on the present moment. Is everything okay right now? Then I’m okay.

For grounding and protection

I went into self-isolation slightly before it was officially requested that we do so. This was partly because I was so affected by all the negative energy flying around that I had to take a step back before it consumed me completely. Once I was in my own space I gave myself time to heal and regroup and thankfully I feel much better.

I’m extremely affected by other people’s energy so I always wear or carry a protection crystal. Most black stones are great for this (think black tourmaline, jet, black obsidian, shungite, hematite or magnetite). But other crystals such as smoky quartz are great for protection too. Right now I’m wearing jet as it’s good for dealing with fear too.

For sleeping

Depending on what I’ve heard on the news or how stressful homeschooling my two children has been that day there are definitely some nights when falling asleep is more difficult than others. Lapis lazuli can help with insomnia. I find soothing stones like rose quartz, angelite and celestite are always lovely to have under my pillow too. 

For calming anger

I’ve been quite taken aback but how much anger I’ve felt since COVID-19 reared its head. If there’s one emotion I don’t like to feel, it’s this one (closely followed by jealousy).

I was angry at people for not following social distancing guidelines, angry at those who traipse their whole family to the supermarket (my aunt works on a checkout so I worry for her also), angry at the Government for not acting the way I wanted them to,  angry at my partner for blinking (joke!). Angry, angry, angry. Not good.

Blue lace agate has been my champion crystal for calming my rage. Now that I’ve had time to work on my energy I’m pleased to say I’m much calmer and in control of my emotions.

It’s important to realise that everyone is living in fear right now and each person reacts differently to the stresses that are being put upon us. I’m normally pretty empathetic to people’s circumstances so I’m glad to be back to myself again. Anger helps no one.

For the immune system

The more I hear about the various age groups that are being affected by the coronavirus, the more I worry about my own health and that of my family. I love my crystals but I must be truthful in saying that I definitely don’t think they will stop me getting COVID-19.

However, some crystals are believed to help support the immune system, including red jasper and lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli can also help throat and respiratory conditions. The way I look at it is what harm can it do to carry around a little extra protection?

For positivity

Everything feels so bleak and miserable. The news tells us of the many COVID-19 deaths every day, people in less wealthy countries are not going to be able to handle social distancing the way we are, cruise ships are stuck on the coast of Australia with no one helping the sick people on board, our healthcare system is creaking under the pressure being put on it – it is difficult to find happiness in any of this. But we need to keep some glimmer of hope and positivity if we are to pull through.

If we turn ourselves over completely to despair then we will find it difficult to navigate through the next few weeks.  One of the best stones to help with this is the stone of happiness, citrine.

Citrine is warming and uplifting. And don’t we all need that little ray of sunshine right now? It’s also an abundance crystal so you can hold it and think of the things you would like to manifest.

For accepting change

The world as we know it is changing. We are realising what is important to us and what is not. We are going to need to adapt. Labradorite is the stone of transformation so I am using it to help me release my fears and insecurities.

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings so I’m also working with this stone to accept that everything that is happening is part of a natural cycle and the world will be better afterwards, as harsh as the lesson may be for us. Malachite is another good choice for this purpose.

For family harmony and self love

For the foreseeable future, my partner, my children and I are all together in the house 24/7. While we all get on well (thank goodness) there are, of course, going to be highs and lows. Especially when my two kids both want to play with the same toy. I’ve been using rose quartz A LOT to encourage love and harmony!

We have a ‘lockdown rose quartz bath’ every day during the children’s witching hour. It helps calm them down. Then I go in and chill with a book after they’re finished.

My girls also pop the crystals under their pillows to help them nod off and they hold them if they’re feeling sad or emotional. I’ve asked them to imagine all the sad thoughts leaving their bodies and going into the crystals.

I hope these suggestions of crystals for coronavirus lockdown help you during these tense times. Are you using any other stones? I’d love to hear about it.

If you don’t have any of these crystals, there are a few shops that are still posting orders out. Try:

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