Don’t be a spiritual sloth: 10 ideas for a morning spiritual routine

Brushing down with a selenite wand
Brushing down with a selenite wand

If lockdown has taught me anything, it’s that I need to be consistent with my morning spiritual routine or I turn into an actual sloth (not just a sloth – an ACTUAL sloth. Much worse).

I may look like an active person when I post photos on social media of me gorge walking and Munro climbing, but my body and mind naturally default to Lazy Fecker mode.

To combat this and give me a jumpstart, I need to set the tone for my day immediately. If I don’t, I slide on a slippery slope to spiritual no man’s land: I’m tired; unprotected from negative energy; and ignorant to what my intuition and the universe is trying to tell me.

I find having a morning spiritual routine really helps me.

If you fall into the same sloth-like category as me then here are some things you can do to start your day the spiritual way.

Brush yourself down with a selenite wand.

This fine-vibration crystal removes negative entities from your aura. If you don’t have a wand then your local crystal shop should have one or you can order online from here.

Have a spiritually cleansing shower.

Imagine everything negative running off you and down the plughole. I like to imagine a white light entering through my crown chakra and moving down my body through each of the chakras and removing any blockages.

Meditate or do yoga.

If you can find time in the morning then even a short meditation will help connect you spiritually. I try to get up before the kids to fit a wee 10 minutes in. Here is a meditation from Hay House that encourages spiritual connection. Click here.

Protect your energy.

To keep your vibration high, it’s important to make sure you don’t absorb negative energy from people or situations around you. One way of doing this is to imagine a protective bubble forming around you. You can also carry crystals such as black tourmaline, obsidian or jet.

Ground yourself.

Without grounding we’re like objects blowing in the wind with no direction or purpose. Grounding brings your attention out of your mind and back into your body and the present moment. It also connects you with the power of Mother Earth and dissipates any excess energy. You’ll feel calm and safe. To ground, imagine roots coming out through your feet and down into the centre of the earth. Crystals such as hematite, smoky quartz and red jasper are great for grounding.

Invite in your angels and spirit guides.

They are all around you, waiting to guide you on the right path. However, they honour your free will so you need to let them know if you want their help. Say out loud, “Angels and spirit guides please guide me today.” If you’d like to explore angels further then leading expert Kyle Gray provides lots of free resources here.

Set your intention for the day.

I like to light a candle and dedicate it to what I want to achieve. I feel this puts the energy out into the universe so it knows how to support me.

Go out in nature.

Nothing makes us more connected spiritually than connecting with Mother Earth. She replenishes and recharges us. I feel instantly soothed when I’m near trees or up a mountain.

Light incense.

Incense changes the energy in the room for the better. There’s a reason why it’s used around the world in Buddhist temples and for aiding meditation.

Say affirmations.

Affirmations help convince your subconscious that something is real. As a result it helps raise your vibration and makes you feel better. You can say things like, “I am in touch with my spiritual self and I trust I am on the right path.”

Don’t limit yourself

To develop a spiritual ritual, you don’t need to be religious or choose obviously spiritual practices. Anything that quietens your mind and encourages you to be in harmony with your true self is perfect. You could add painting, music, journaling, reading or going walks in nature to this list.

And, what lifts me up might be totally different to what lifts you up. So, be sure to do things that help nurture your inner being. Choose things that encourage you to turn inward and develop your sense of connection to the energy around you.

Is there anything else you incorporate into your morning spiritual routine?

Reiki and crystal healing

If you’d like to book a reiki or crystal healing session with me then you can find more details here.