What to do for the New Moon in Virgo 2020

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The New Moon in Virgo arrives on Thursday 17th September at 12.00pm in the UK.

New Moons mark the start of a new cycle and are a great time to set your intentions (also known as New Moon wishes) for the month ahead. I have honestly achieved so much over the last couple of years by following this manifestation routine.

New Moon in Virgo means organisation, organisation!

Virgo is an earth sign and associated with organisation, health, habit, routines, and anything analytical. This makes it the perfect time to get serious about your goals and fine-tune any details so you can achieve them.

It’s also a good time to declutter, write to-do lists, sort your paperwork, take stock of your life (write a list of what’s working/ what isn’t/ where do you need to make changes?).

In your business, why not use this moon to dig into the analytics of things. Look at your Instagram insights, check how well your recent mailshot performed or do a stock-take.

At home, you could meal-plan for the week, set a housework routine or donate old clothes and toys to charity.

And look after yourself…

Virgo is also linked to health. To harness this New Moon’s energy, think of things you can do to make your life healthier. You could look into health insurance, book the doctor or dentist appointment you’ve been putting off, make a smoothie each day, buy vitamins, meditate daily, go to bed earlier, check your body for abnormal lumps, start a detox or cut out the chocolate. Do what works for you.

Be careful of perfectionism

However, be careful not to slip into perfectionism or be over-critical (of yourself or other people). We’re all human after all. Make a conscious effort to nip it in the bud when these thoughts come to you. The last thing you want to do is make no progress because you got bogged down in detail.

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What are you going to manifest?

Tell me one thing you’re going to manifest. I’ll go first…

I’m going to have a chilled and enjoyable lead-up to my wedding in November. (Wishes don’t always have to be about fancy cars and new kitchens, you can wish for feelings too.)

If you’d like to delve a bit deeper into the astrology of this New Moon and how it will affect you then here is a good article.

New Moon blessings to you!

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