How the Full Moon in Gemini will help you send that awkward email

The Full Moon in Gemini is a great time for communication
The Full Moon in Gemini is a great time for communicating

2020 has been a bumpy ride, to say the least, but November’s penumbral lunar eclipse and Beaver Full Moon in Gemini could help steer you back on your soul’s true course.

As eclipses go, a penumbral is probably the least jaw-dropping of them all. It occurs when the sun, earth and moon are imperfectly aligned. The earth is piggy in the middle and blocks some of the sun’s light from reflecting off the moon. Because of the angles involved, the earth’s outer shadow falls on the moon’s face and makes it appear a shade darker. However, don’t be disappointed by what little change you can see – it’s said that the lunar energy is four times more potent during this event than at a normal full moon.

So how do you harness it?

How to work with the energy of the penumbral lunar eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini

During the full moon in Gemini, be sure to write and awkward emails you've been putting off sending.

Ah, airy Gemini, sociable but flighty, witty but with the attention span of a baby trying to play chess – how will you affect us during this full moon?

The important thing to tap in to during this lunar event is the expert communication skills that Gemini excels at. This is a time to channel Louis Theroux, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, George Orwell or whoever your favourite orator or writer is. Get your words out there. Tell people what you think. Stand up for your beliefs and put your point across. Because, during Full Moon in Gemini, you’re more likely to do it with grace, authenticity and accuracy. This sign is ruled by Mercury, which is, of course, the champion of communication. Be sure to use it to your best advantage.

Gemini is also symbolised by caring twins so there is no better time to check in with your siblings and loved ones. Or check in with anyone, to be precise. The Gemini energy is sociable and fun so this makes it a great time to be out and about visiting people (socially distanced, of course [sigh]).

With the Gemini energy also comes spontaneity, child-like curiosity and a desire to learn. The next few days will be an ideal time to go out exploring your local area to discover new things or to do something on a whim. Maybe it’s time to buy that car you’ve been eyeing up.

But, a word of caution… Gemini brings with it indecisiveness and a dislike of routine. So, try your best not to end up still in your jammies at 4pm mulling over whether you should have pizza or salad for lunch.

Things you can do during a Full Moon in Gemini

Things to do during a full moon in gemini
  • Hold off on making any major decisions
  • Phone your siblings
  • Deliver a lockdown care parcel to your neighbour
  • Buy any communications tools you may need (pens, computer, phone)
  • Start writing that novel you’ve been putting off
  • Compose and send any difficult emails you’ve been avoiding
  • Talk to your friends and take a load off your mind (remember to reciprocate)
  • Write your deepest worries or your wildest desires in your journal
  • Try to finish a task before you move on to another
  • Give any work presentations you’ve been meaning to share
  • Carry crystals such as fluorite or sodalite to give you extra focus
  • Do something spontaneous (e.g. go a walk in the rain or drive a different route home)

These are all great things to do during a Gemini Full Moon, but we do have a proverbial spanner in the works – the penumbral lunar eclipse…

How will the penumbral lunar eclipse affect me?

Full moons are generally known to be a time of releasing and letting go. And eclipses are when the universe jolts and shunts us back on to our souls’ true paths. Eclipses are energetically triggering and encourage us to discard behaviours, habits and relationships that we no longer need. This helps us to make room for new and better things that complement our natural flow state.

However, the fact that an eclipse is falling in the sign of indecisive Gemini may mean you’ll find it difficult to decide exactly what you need to let go of! The important thing to remember is that if something falls away from your life during an eclipse then you need to trust it’s for the better. Use this time to really concentrate on what is stopping you from being happy and try to think of how to remove any obstacles that are in your way.

The Gemini Full Beaver Moon takes place at 9.29am (UK time) on the 30th November

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