5 crystals for Thanksgiving harmony

Crystals for thanksgiving
Crystals for Thanksgiving chill

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, joy and spending time with loved ones. It’s also a time of family squabbles, heightened emotions and mourning the overdone turkey.

If you’re dreading Aunt Senga’s catty comments about your below par roast potatoes, and you know the odds are high that you’ll blow your top at Uncle Raymond’s subtle sexist comments then you might need some crystals for Thanksgiving Day.

Which Crystals are good for Thanksgiving Day?


A warming and energising stone it will help banish gloom and keep everyone merry. It’s great for encouraging family harmony and helping people be less sensitive to criticism. If you want to ensure the room remains positive after your dad drops the mic with another insulting clanger then this is your stone.

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Rose quartz

Of course, the stone of love must be present during a family get-together. Rose quartz brings peace and opens the heart at all levels. Any negativity will be replaced with loving energy when rose quartz is nearby. Pity you can’t grate it into the pumpkin pie dip for added potency!

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Blue lace agate

A throat chakra crystal, blue lace agate will help everyone communicate to their best ability during the gathering. It has a lovely calming energy and is great for neutralising anger. Perfect for calming those Trump-Biden debates that are sure to surface during cheese and biscuits.

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Black tourmaline

If you’re inviting people into your home, then black tourmaline is a good crystal to have around. Highly grounding and protective it will discourage anyone who does not have your highest good at heart from entering your house. Place it at your front door or leave it on the dinner table if you want to help people remain grounded. It will help to disperse tension too.

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If a stone was made for encouraging companionship and clarity of thought during group gatherings then this is it! Sodalite brings people together for a common purpose and is another excellent stone for helping people to express themselves clearly.

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What to do with your Thanksgiving crystals

Place them on your dinner table or dot them around your home. You could also give one to each of your guests as a Thanksgiving gift. If you’ve got time, then crystal elixirs could be made up ahead of the day and sprayed around the room to banish any negative vibes in the air.

Give thanks to the Thanksgiving crystals

So, with these Thanksgiving crystals in hand, you don’t need to worry about that 33-year-old grudge your mum is still harbouring against your gran for making her go to university instead of art school. Just tell her to pop a piece of rose quartz in her bra and all will be forgiven!

(These crystals are also ideal for any family gathering such as Christmas Day.)

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