Let your heart lead during the Full Moon in Leo

Like a lion chasing your prey, assert your inner power and hunt down your heart’s true desires during the Full Moon in Leo.

Things to do during full moon in Leo

Every month the moon passes through a new astrological sign and, for the following days, we are influenced by its characteristics. This month, Leo brings us courage, confidence, ambition, passion and enthusiasm. Although, watch out for a hefty dose of ego, drama, boasting and attention-seeking too! If you’re savvy, you can use this Leo full moon (and every full moon!) to your advantage by letting its influence steer you in the direction you truly wish to go.

How can you use the energy of the Full Moon in Leo?

Leo is bold and loves to be the centre of attention so, if you’re normally a ‘sit in the back row and not make eye contact’ kind of person, now is the time to get your butt on the front seat (or at least edge yourself forward a few rows).

While full moons are not the best time to start a new project or shake things up, perhaps try to think about how you can be a bit more assertive and move closer to your dreams. Have you been shying away from hosting Zooms for your business because you don’t like being on show? Did you stay silent and let a colleague volunteer for a project you really wanted to work on? Have you stayed small and not taken up the space you deserve? Full Moon in Leo is the time to knock that on its head and step into your power. If you’re not the confident type then say daily affirmations to convince yourself otherwise and help ramp up your self-belief.

This courageous Leo energy encourages us to be bolder and do things we’d normally be too scared to do. Step out of your comfort zone and take some risks. Speak up for what you believe in and be authentic. If you’re unsure of what to do, then use my free Full Moon Worksheet to help guide you.

Be confident like a Leo

In the expressive world of Leo, creativity is abundant so, during this full moon, let your self-expression flow freely. You could try journaling, painting, writing poetry or dancing. Or create a vision board to inspire you to make brave decisions. It doesn’t matter what way you let your emotions and feelings out – just let them surface naturally. Leo is a bit of an exhibitionist so if you get the urge to jump on your local park’s bandstand to shake your chammy then go for it! This lunar energy is coaxing out our buried extrovert.

Get creative during the Leo Full Moon

During this moon, the energy will be fiery, passionate and loving. Leos are drawn to opulence and extravagance so why not mix the two? Dinner by candlelight, silk clothing and fulfilling your carnal desires are all a good way to spend the next few days. Let’s face it, with lockdown upon us there isn’t much else to indulge in!

As always, there will be some less pleasing influences to deal with. Make sure you don’t hog the limelight or dominate people too much. It’s one thing to be a leader but another to be overbearing.

Remember, you are the leader of your life so be bold and follow your heart.

Download a FREE Full Moon in Leo worksheet

If you’d like to work with this month’s lunar energy then I have a free worksheet that guides you to do just that…

If you’re looking for a way to channel the Full Moon energy then check out this Leo Full Moon ritual over at Forever Conscious.

Or leading astrologist and moon expert Yasmin Boland runs a free Full Moon in Leo online gathering via Facebook Live.

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