Don’t get stung by the full moon eclipse in Scorpio

There’s nothing like a full moon eclipse in Scorpio to shake your shadows to life.

Scorpio energy is intense and dark. It doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds though. This sign is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, meaning there’s a chance for positive change within your grasp. That is, if you’re brave enough to face your pandora’s box of fears, emotions, trauma and insecurities. Are you?

If you said ‘yes’, then fantastic! It’s time to heal your wounds and break through any self-limiting blocks. But… TRANSPARENCY ALERT! 

I should mention that this full moon is also an eclipse which means the energy will be even more potent and transformational. So, yes, there might be a sting in the tail but it doesn’t mean it’s venomous. More like a cosmic zap to put you back onto your true path. Because that’s what eclipses do.

Would you like me to explain?

Full moon in scorpio themes

What does the full moon eclipse in Scorpio mean?

Let’s start with eclipses. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon moves into the earth’s shadow and is no longer lit by the sun

They are gateways for growth and change. Things that aren’t really meant for us can end during an eclipse season. This is the universe’s way of trying to nudge us back onto our soul’s path. 

So if you’re made redundant or dumped then perhaps it’s because the situation wasn’t ideal for you. The eclipse is bringing it to a close. It might not feel like a positive change at the time but, remember, there is always a bigger plan at play.

With the Scorpio vibes also in the mix, you might find the darker side of yourself surfacing. Jealousy and grudge-holding are common Scorpio traits. The cracks you have been painting over in your life may start to peel and become obvious.

Now, you can choose to get the Farrow and Ball out and give your life a coat of Sunshine Yellow for a while longer. Or you can use the full moon eclipse in Scorpio energy to shine a torch on it and face up to everything you’ve been hiding below the surface. 

There’s no time like the present, I say. Are you in? Great! Let’s strip the layers of self-denial, self-loathing and self-limiting beliefs to reveal self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence instead.

Here’s how…

Things to do for the full moon in Scorpio

Things to do for the full moon eclipse in Scorpio

Let sh*t go

Jealousy. Resentment. Grudges. Possessiveness. Suspicion. Toxicity. Let it all come to the surface during the Scorpio full moon. Spend time contemplating why you feel the way you do. Is there anything you can move on from? Anything you can let go of? 

Action: Write down everyone you’re holding a grudge against. Followed by anyone you’re jealous of. That person on insta who irritates you because they post similar content as you but get more Likes? Get it on the list. The neighbour who only cuts their section of the communal garden’s grass? On the list. The Starbucks barista who flirted with your boyfriend. On. The. List. Let it all go. 

Safely burn the paper and release the negative energy into the ether.

Death, rebirth and diving into your shadows

We all have a shadow side. Things about ourselves we don’t like. But, often, it’s not as bad as we think. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. Eclipses offer endings, beginnings and portals for us to jump into a brighter future. Use this cosmic energy to work on changing yourself for the better. 

Kill off the elements of your life you don’t love and clear the way for better things to come alive. Make space for new and exciting things to grow.

Action: Draw two columns on a bit of paper. On the left-hand side, write down everything you don’t like about yourself. Then have a think about why this is not necessarily a bad thing. 

For example, you might be slow at completing tasks and you feel that everyone is always miles ahead of you in life. If so, write this down. Next to it, write, “I enjoy a slower pace of life and I take joy in the moment, not the things that have yet to happen.” Can you see how much better your ‘bad” trait is now that you have reframed it into something positive?

If you can’t think of a positive element then contemplate how you can change the thing you don’t like.

Feel your emotions

Often we push our emotions aside. We don’t want to seem like the crazy chick in the office who gets annoyed when she’s always asked to take the minutes of the meeting (even though it’s not her job). Or the mum who cries when her kid doesn’t get invited to a classmate’s party. 

But y’know, these emotions are valid. When we suppress them, we block the energy in our bodies. We hide how we truly feel because we’re ashamed or embarrassed. When really, it’s better to process and release it.

During this full moon in Scorpio, let all your feelings bubble to the surface. Become familiar with what you’ve been bottling up. Scorpio is a water sign so let those tears flow in abundance if you need to.

Action: Meditate. Either sit in silence or listen along to this short Scorpio full moon meditation by Hypnotic Coaching. Once it finishes. Keep meditating on your own. Become aware of your body and how it feels. Where are you holding tension? Do you have any aches? Try to imagine your body relaxing and easing off. Breathe out anything you don’t want to hold on to.

Black obsidian is a great crystal to hold while doing this. It forces you to face your true self and your shadow qualities.

Look out for synchronicities

The universe and our spirit guides are always giving us signs. During an eclipse, you might find this happens even more. Scorpio is highly intuitive so trust your instincts. Tap into the energy of the universe around you. Look out for the signs you’re being given about the path your life should take.

Action: Tune in to what the universe is telling you. These could be things like:

  • Look out for number sequences appearing (e.g. 11:11 on a clock or receipt). What were you thinking about when you saw it? Does it give you a clue? 
  • Pay attention to your dreams. We’re often given messages through them.
  • Robins, feathers, rainbows, familiar smells – they can all appear when someone is trying to guide us.

Get close to water

Scorpio is a water sign so use this element to help you heal. How often have you been near the ocean and been soothed by the gentle sound of the waves lapping against the rocks? Water is very cleansing, too. For years it has been used in purification rituals. 

Action: Walk by rivers, plunge in an ice bath, pour a ritual bath filled with crystals, stay hydrated or… cry. Our body cries to release emotion. That’s good.

Let your passions surface

Scorpios are well-known for their sexy and alluring ways. Lift your libido and be sultry for a day (or longer!).

Action: Wear some alluring lingerie, book a hotel room with your partner or explore some new toys on your own.

The sacral chakra is the energy centre for your emotions and the pleasure you take in the world around you. Because Scorpio moons and eclipses can be intensely emotional it’s a good chakra to work on clearing.

Clear your sacral chakra

Action: Work on unblocking your sacral chakra (the seat of your emotions). Imagine breathing in orange light. Let it move down under your belly button where it swirls around. Picture it loosening any energy that is stuck. Keep breathing in orange light and exhaling everything you don’t want to hold on to.

Crystals for the Scorpio full moon eclipse

Pop these crystals in your bra or pocket during the full moon in Scorpio. They’ll help you work through jealousy and anger and tap into your intuition.

Crystals for the full moon eclipse in Scorpio

Scorpio full moon affirmations

Say these affirmations during the full moon in Scorpio and you’ll supercharge your transformation and release.

Full moon eclipse in Scorpio affirmations

When is the Scorpio full moon eclipse 2022?

The full moon eclipse in Scorpio takes place on:

London: 16th May 05:14

Sydney: 16th May 14:14

Los Angeles: 15 May 21:14

New York: 16 May 00:14

If you’d like to work more with the lunar energy then download my free full moon eclipse in Scorpio work guide.

So there is everything you need to harness the energy of the full moon eclipse in Scorpio.