Why your life is in the balance at the full moon in Libra

Use the full moon in Libra to tip your relationship scales and find harmony

Balance and relationships. These are the main cosmic themes brought up by the full moon in airy Libra on Saturday.

Seamlessly juggling work and family life is the big holy grail for me. I can see it like a distant mirage shimmering in the heat of the sweaty working mum desert. Out of reach but calling to my parched “I’m tired of tidying up all the time,” repeating mouth.

Mirage Lynsey is a calm and present mum who home-bakes with the kids and sets clear boundaries about the hours she works. While still finding time to keep hydrated, eat healthily, see friends, stay fit, remember birthdays, do the shopping and clean the house. 


Well, that vision went up in flames quicker than my forgiveness list during a moon fire ritual. Because, genuinely, I cannot easily squeeze all of this in. 

So, as I sit here dehydratedly dreaming of a magical tonic that will miraculously even out the tipping scales of my life, it comes to me… 

Balance isn’t a place to arrive at. It’s a constant journey.

Libra Themes

I’ve been crawling through working mummy quicksand to find something that doesn’t actually exist. And it’s a relief to know that.

We aren’t meant to be perfectly balanced because everything around us is always changing. To find balance we need to keep moving (paraphrasing Einstein here) and adapt to the trials and tribulations thrown our way. It’s when we resist and fight what’s happening that we feel unbalanced.

So, for this full moon in Libra, I’m going to be unconventional and look for ways I can unbalance my life.

Let me explain…When I divide my life into even compartments I end up imposing sanctions on days and times. Like, I can’t work on Sundays because that’s family time. Or, no I can’t go out for impromptu drinks with you because that’s my housework/ gym/ fake tan night and you’re encroaching on that, okay.

Then, I get annoyed when something affects my schedule because I feel like I have lost my perfect balance. I’ve realised it’s not a fun way to live.

That’s why, during this full moon in Libra, I’ll be loosening my strict routines and blurring my boundaries between work and home life.

Now, keep in mind that this might be the exact opposite of what you need to do. Maybe you need to set more strict boundaries to find equilibrium in your life. That is the beauty of working with the moon. We each need to look at the themes and harness them to suit our own individual needs.

So, read on for a general idea of what this month’s full moon in Libra will bring. But then go on to think about how these things can be used to improve your own unique circumstances. How can you harness the energy and let go of the things you don’t need in your life?

What does the full moon in Libra mean?

As mentioned, balance and relationships are core Libra themes. However, so are indecision and insecurity. Libra likes to sit on the fence and not cause conflict (often to its own detriment). Be careful not to get caught up in perfectionism while this energy is upon us.

Things to do for the full moon in Libra

Things to do for the full moon in Libra

Examine your boundaries

Are you giving as much as you’re receiving? Or is someone taking advantage of you? Maybe you’re spending too much time working and not enough time having fun? While the full moon is in Libra it’s a good time to look at the boundaries in your life and where things might have tipped too far or not enough.

But, remember, to achieve balance you might actually need to loosen boundaries, not tighten them.

For example, instead of battling to keep fences up between my family and work life. I’m going to integrate the two and view them as a whole.

I’ll be dropping my strict, “Weekends are not for working rule”. As long as I have spent enough quality time with my girls during the week then why shouldn’t I work the weekends? This rule seems to have followed me from when I worked in a 9-5 corporate job. It might work for others but it doesn’t work for me now.

For you, adapting your boundaries might mean the opposite. Maybe you’ve been too much of a pushover with people and you really need to set more firm boundaries. Or maybe you work lots during the week so you need to carve out weekends for family. That’s for you to figure out.

Let go of perfectionism and comparisonitis

Libra can bring with it a lot of insecurity and indecisiveness and this can stop you from moving forward. Use this time to think about where you have been procrastinating. Force yourself to see things you’ve been putting off addressing.

Also take stock of where you compare yourself to others. Your journey is your own. You can’t compare your first page to someone’s tenth chapter. Remind yourself that everything is unfolding exactly as it should be.

Full moons are a culmination point in the lunar cycle. Write down all the things you’ve accomplished over the last two weeks since the new moon. Even if it’s just managing to up your daily water intake – it’s still an achievement and should be recognised. All of the small things add up. Be proud of them rather than beating yourself up for all the things you didn’t manage to do.

Take a look at your relationships

With the moon being in Libra, it’s a good time to analyse relationships. List any relationships that haven’t been working. Why? Ask yourself questions like:

– Are there elephants in the room that need to be addressed?
– Are you being too much of a pushover?
– Do you lean too much on others?
– How can you fend for yourself more?
– Who leaves you unhappy after you’ve been with them?
– Who makes you happy?
– Have you been truthful with people about how you feel?

Maybe you’re hanging on to things that hurt you from previous relationships. There is no better time than a full moon to release baggage like this.

Also, think about relationships you’d like to nurture. How can you carve out more time for people who top your soul up?

Look at the relationship you have with yourself

The Libra energy encourages us to look at all aspects of our relationships, even with ourselves. How have you been talking to yourself lately? As a friend or as a foe? Try to think of ways you can be kinder to yourself.

During your full moon rituals, take time to really pamper yourself. Treat yourself the way you would like to be treated by a partner. Buy yourself flowers and lather yourself in luxurious body cream. Treat yourself to a sensuous smelling candle. Seduce yourself!

Consider where you have been avoiding confrontation

Oh, Libra, you do like to sit on a fence, don’t you? Now is a good time to think about all those difficult conversations you’ve been putting off. Do you need to speak to your boss about the unfair delegation of work in your team? Has someone been leaning on you too much and it’s draining your energy? Does your partner keep leaving a wet towel on the bed? Speak up! No one wants soggy bed sheets.

Realise that balance is in the here and now

Balance isn’t about setting strict regimes. It’s about going with the flow. Playing the long game. The secret is to adapt to what is happening in the present moment.

For example, if a client asks me for something urgently and I need to work late there is no point crying into my Trello board. I’m self-employed which means I can adapt my schedule and gift myself some time back at a later date. Curveballs will always be thrown at us. It’s better to ride the wave than try to put sandbags down. (I’ve watched the news and sandbags never seem to work.)

Think about where you might have been fighting against the natural flow of your life.

I find that if I rigidly try to hold on to set ideals about what my daily routines should be then I end up being frustrated and annoyed when things affect it. I’m resisting what is actually going on around me rather than being in the here and now and adapting to it.

Crystals for the Libra full moon

You can always use your favourite moon crystals such as selenite, labradorite, clear quartz and moonstone. But if you want to lean into the Libra energy then opt for these crystals to strengthen relationships…

Crystals for the libra full moon

Libra full moon affirmations

Say these full moon in Libra affirmations to help welcome more balance into your life. Say them out loud, over and over. The more your subconscious brain believes it, the more you will raise your vibration and encourage it to become your reality.

full moon in Libra affirmations

When is the Libra full moon 2022?

The full moon in Libra takes place on:

London: 16th April at 19:55

Sydney: 17th April at 04:55

Los Angeles: 16th April at 11:55

New York: 16th April at 14:55

If you’d like to work more with this lunar energy then download my free full moon in Libra worksheet.

Will you be working on improving your relationships during the full moon in Libra?