How to ground yourself and stay sane during Covid chaos

These 9 grounding techniques will calm your mind and restore balance

If you’re feeling flighty and are wondering how to ground yourself, read on…

Let’s face it, life has an “am I in an apocalyptic B-list movie and I don’t realise it?’ kind of vibe going on right now. Billionaire software developers who are apparently lizards, simmering global political unrest, rumours of microchips in vaccines and a new world order that will leave us all at the mercy of an elite and powerful few. Frickin’ hell! No matter whether you believe it or not, that’s a lot to process! If it all wasn’t so terrifying then I’d ask you to pass me the Butterkist popcorn.

Many individuals (especially empaths) are feeling overwhelmed by all the negative energy. They are detaching themselves from reality and desperately want to hibernate until it’s all over. And do you blame them? We are being bombarded by people’s (often ferocious) opposing opinions on social media; the news has been consistently gloomy for three quarters of this year; and now Elf on the Shelf has arrived to shove us over the 2020 edge.

Faced with this barrage of conflict, it’s no wonder if you don’t know who or what to believe and you’ve switched into “flight” response while bugging out from a society that seems intent on imploding.

Disconnecting from reality is not good for mental health

Escaping from reality can be good for a short time, but it’s not a long-term strategy that will benefit you. Disconnecting from the world often leaves us lacking in purpose and focus, which then leads to apathy, depression and feelings of uselessness. This won’t do your mental health any favours in the long run.

Although it may be tempting to shut yourself off, unfortunately, this is a time when you actually can’t afford to wallow and hide. Major life-changing events are afoot and it’s important to stay informed and connected to your intuition to make sure you stand up for what you believe in and fight for a humanity that you would be proud to be part of.

However, I know from personal experience that this can be easier said than done. So, if you feel anxious and debilitated by the current situation then one of the best things you can do to calm yourself and return to the present moment is practising “grounding”.

Grounding is also a great way to remain spiritually connected and open to signs from the universe. Ideal, because if you don’t know which humans to trust then you can at least count on your higher self and spirit guides.

What is grounding?

Grounding is focussing our mind and body on the present moment and bringing our emotions and physical body back into balance. It often involves connecting to the earth, too. When we ground, we get rid of excess energy and calm ourselves down. We stop catastrophizing and being anxious about things in the future because all that matters is here and now. Our monkey minds cease chattering and we concentrate on how our body and surroundings feel.

Grounding is actually a very simple thing but its stabilising effect is extremely powerful and beneficial, especially if you suffer from flashbacks, anxiety or panic attacks.

How to ground yourself

If you feel stressed or anxious then here are some grounding techniques to help you stabilise and be present in the now.

  • Meditate (or do self-reiki)
how to ground yourself with meditation

A lot of people think meditation is about emptying your mind, but that isn’t really true. Meditation involves being aware of everything in the moment you’re currently living in. It’s about resting your mind, going inward and attaining consciousness.

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness are vast. They include reduced stress, increased focus and greater self-awareness (all of which are great for helping you to feel more grounded and in tune with yourself).

If this is up your street then @brettmoran_ has some great free meditations on his IGTV or visit his website  

  • Be conscious of your breath

Breathing is the most natural thing in the world, yet most of us do it in a way that is not beneficial to our mind and bodies. We breathe too shallowly. If you feel yourself getting flighty or overwhelmed then spend time focussing on your breath.

If you’d like to explore this more then @breathpod offer free live sessions at 7.30am Monday-Friday via Instagram Live or check out their IGTV for past sessions. You can find them here

  • Stand or walk barefoot on the ground (known as “earthing”)
how to ground - barefoot walking

Connecting physically with the ground has shown to have positive effects on your body and mind. When we walk with bare feet, we absorb the negative charge of the earth and it helps counteract the build-up of positive charge in our body. Afterwards, we feel rebalanced. Here is a good article on Goop about it…Read more

  • The 5-4-3-2-1 method
How to ground using touch

You may have heard of this one already. It’s commonly used to help with panic or anxiety attacks. This technique is popular because it’s easy to do and it really works.

Take a few deep breaths and then…

Look around for five things you can see.

Then look for four things you can feel.

Three things you can hear.

Two things you can smell.

One thing you can taste (have something to hand, if possible).

Take a few more deep breaths and you should feel more attuned to the environment around you.

  • Go out in nature
How to ground yourself by going out in nature

There is nothing more grounding than connecting with the natural world around you. Even better if you manage to do it with bare feet. Nature’s soothing effect on our soul reminds us that there are bigger things at play; and, no matter what happens, the world keeps on turning.

Go out in a forest, go to the beach or climb a local hill. Imagine your roots going down into the earth and its invigorating energy rising up inside you.

  • Go for an ice bath or a cold shower.
how to ground with a cold shower

Cold exposure triggers dopamine and is said to have many health benefits, including elevating your mood. As part of your morning routine turn your shower from hot to cold and gradually increase the duration you stand under the cold water each day. Another popular alternative is to sit in a bath of ice. It will test your willpower if nothing else!

  • Don’t consume too much news
How to ground by turning off your phone

It’s not so much of a tool, it’s more just common sense to avoid consuming too much negative news if you are easily triggered.

While it’s important to stay up to date and informed about what’s happening in the world, don’t fall down the rabbit hole into a 1am Facebook binge about  Boris Johnston’s dad’s antics in a newsagent.

Try to recognise when you are being too obsessive over the news. A good habit to form is to set times and boundaries for when to browse the internet or watch television. And try to finish at least an hour before you go to bed.

  • Crystals for grounding

Another way you can help to ground yourself is to carry crystals. Their unique ability to emit and absorb energy helps to stabilise your energy. Good grounding crystals are hematite, smoky quartz, red jasper or tourmaline. Hold them during meditation, pop them in your pocket or sleep with them under your pillow.

  • Exercise or do something monotonous
How to ground yourself with exercise

Often, we are too full of nervous energy to do any of these grounding techniques. In this case, try any form of exercise to burn it off. Or, if you don’t have the motivation, do something monotonous like sorting the laundry or ironing. When we get tasks accomplished while on autopilot it can help to destress us.

So, next time you feel anxious or your mind is racing with all the things you need to do, then try one of these grounding techniques. I hope it leaves you feeling more mentally, physically and spiritually present.

Do you know how to ground yourself? If so, what grounding techniques do you use?

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