Use these 8 crystals for Christmas chill

Don’t get caught up in festive franticness, enlist these crystals for Christmas calmness.

Michael Buble has come out of his cave to croon us into a swoon – and that can only mean one thing… iiiiit’s Christmas! It would be great if this meant a happy holiday bubble of constant mince pies for brunch and warm cider for supper; but, let’s face it, we’re probably going to get caught up in wild shopping wars for the latest Playstation and being served an unhealthy dose of family dramas for festive dinner (with a dash of “I don’t like the present you bought me” side-eye gravy to top it off).

But… it doesn’t have to be that way. Forewarned is forearmed. If you step into Christmas with these crystals then you can be sure you’re preparing your home and mind for the craziness of Crimbo.

Why use crystals at Christmas time?

Each crystal vibrates at a precise frequency, which is why we use various healing stones for different things. Crystals give out and absorb energy, so, if they’re nearby, they are constantly working in your favour to keep you grounded and at one with your inner Buddy the Elf.

If you’re not sure which crystals to use at Christmas, here’s a good place to start.

Crystals for Christmas harmony

  • Amethyst cluster
Amethyst is a great crystal for Christmas

Amethyst is an incredibly soothing stone that changes negative energy into a more positive vibe. When used in cluster form, it is especially good at clearing the energy of a room. This crystal is a natural tranquiliser, so, if you place a cluster in the room where you’re dining then it will help to stop people stabbing each other over the last roast potato (doesn’t come with a guarantee).

  • Rose quartz
Rose quartz is a good crystal choice for Christmas

It’s the stone of unconditional love, so, if grudges are being held by your nearest and dearest then rose quartz will help them forgive and let go. You never know, maybe your uncle and dad will finally stop arguing over whether Maradona or Pele was the best footballer. You could also place it next to anyone searching for romance to encourage matchmaking under the mistletoe.

The energy of rose quartz is calming and soothing which means it’s perfect to help keep Christmas chaos under control.

  • Apache tears
Apache tears are great crystals for Christmas

Christmas without loved ones can be tough. These are good stones to have around if anyone in your group is grieving for a loved one who is no longer with them. Apache tears are a form of black obsidian but they have much gentler energy.

Pair them with amethyst or rose quartz in a grid for extra powerful grief-soothing energy.

  • Carnelian
Carnelian is a good Crystal for Christmas

Carnelian is a stone of energy. If you know you’re likely to hit a post-Christmas dinner slump and you need to create an air pocket for cheese and biscuits then keep carnelian on hand to perk you up. It’s good for digestion and helps to boost your metabolism too. Please don’t eat it.

  • Citrine
Citrine is a good choice of crystal for Christmas

Such a happy, happy stone which practically screams “sunshine’! Just what we need in the northern hemisphere while the nights are long and Vitamin D is in short supply. Citrine is also a stone of abundance that helps attract wealth, success and prosperity. If your guests are up for it why not ask them to hold it while they think about what they want to attract in 2021?

  • Blue lace agate
Blue lace agate is a great crystal for christmas

This crystal will help calm everyone down and communicate with each other better. If you place blue lace agate on the table you won’t need to worry about your mum accidentally calling your new boyfriend by your old one’s name. (It’s also great for neutralising anger, just in case she does manage to let it slip out.)

  • Black tourmaline
Black tourmaline is a good protection crystal for Christmas

A highly protective stone, black tourmaline placed at the entrance of your home will discourage anyone from coming in who does not have your highest good at heart. It will also help to keep everyone’s energy grounded before they self-combust during Pictionary. Bonus. Or feed them Jagerbombs until they can’t speak. You have many options.

  • Sodalite
Sodalite is a good crystal for group gatherings so great as a Christmas crystal

Perfect for group gatherings, this crystal encourages companionship and brings people together for a common purpose. It’s also a good focus stone that helps people to express themselves clearly. Pop it in your bra or pocket leading up to Christmas to help you concentrate on the tasks at hand. It might even stop you from forgetting to buy the Bisto.

So, there you have it – lots of crystals to bring Christmas joy to everyone.

Merry Crystalmas!

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