I’m yang but I’m yin (and the chaos that brings)

Don’t be afraid to feel all the emotions.

These words are for people who feel ALL the emotions. It can be overwhelming and it can be intense. It can feel like there’s something wrong with you. There’s not. You’re just human and we’re meant to be brimming with emotions. That’s the beauty of being alive.
Some humans feel more emotions than others. ?‍♀️ Some hide their emotions better. Some people prefer to let it all out. Some are embarrassed when they let it all out. There’s no right or wrong but just try to be gentle on yourself. If you’re affected by other people’s energy then crystals such as hematite, tiger’s eye, black tourmaline, jet, amethyst or labradorite will help.

As always, if you’re interested in crystal healings (whether in person or distance) then just get in touch.

I’m yang but I’m yin

I’m yang but I’m yin
And the chaos that brings
I’m happy and sad
I’m soft but I’m hard
Everything about me is conflicting and contrary
Some days I’m shy
Then others I’m lairy
My emotions run wild
They dim then they spark
That’s because I’m human
And I need both the light and the dark
I’m two halves of a whole
It can make me feel crazy
One side’s a go-getter
The other is lazy
Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry
But I just want to live before I must die
I don’t want to be beige
I want to soar high
Please don’t make me be beige
My kite needs to fly