We met for a reason but in the wrong season

This handmade typewritten note is the perfect gift for someone who has left a toxic relationship behind. It reminds them that it was not a waste of their time. They have learned valuable lessons that can help make their future better.


Perfect for perking someone up after a bad breakup and reminding them they are worthy of love.  


This is an A6 hand-typed uplifting poem on luxurious flower-embedded cotton or Lokta plant paper. The cotton paper with yellow flowers comes in a matching cotton paper envelope. The Lokta plant paper with lilac cornflowers comes in a classy parchment paper envelope. Both are beautifully sealed with a crescent moon and stars-shaped wax stamp and dried flower embellishment. The whole effect is decadent, special and harks back to years gone by. It has that “vintage vibe” that so many people adore. 


Because of the nature of the materials, each item is utterly unique. Colours and flowers may differ slightly from those in the photos. If you have a preference then message me at the time of ordering and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.


The completed gift will be placed in a separate brown hard-backed envelope and posted to you.


The poem reads:


“We met for a reason

but in the wrong season.

Your storm killed my calm.

Cruelly changed who I am.


The life lesson was dealt

like a lash from a belt.

We both felt the pain.

But love lost finds some gain.


Now when I encounter or meet 

a new lover so sweet,

I won’t enter so blindly 

‘cause I see what’s behind me.


My new scars tell my tale;

I’m not easily for sale. 

I now know my own worth

and goddammit I’m tough. ”