When the world overwhelms you

This handmade typewritten gift is the perfect way to show your loved one that it’s okay to take a rest and recuperate. They don’t need to keep putting on a brave face.


Perfect for reminding someone that they can’t pour from an empty cup.  


This is an A6 hand-typed uplifting poem on luxurious flower-embedded cotton or Lokta plant paper. The cotton paper with yellow flowers comes in a matching cotton paper envelope. The Lokta plant paper with lilac cornflowers comes in a classy parchment paper envelope. Both are beautifully sealed with a crescent moon and stars-shaped wax stamp and dried flower embellishment. The whole effect is decadent, special and harks back to years gone by. It has that “vintage vibe” that so many people adore.


Because of the nature of the materials, each item is utterly unique. Colours and flowers may differ slightly from those in the photos. 


The completed gift will be placed in a separate brown hard-backed envelope and posted to you.


The poem reads:


“When the world overwhelms you,

it’s okay to retreat.

Go take a breather.

Steady your feet.


Everything will remain,

where it was left.

But if it’s gone,

don’t be bereft.


If people or feelings

don’t want to stay,

then think to yourself, 

Were they good for you anyway?”