Things to do during the Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus
Full Moon in Taurus Rituals

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for… the second Full Moon of the month, the Hunter’s Blue Moon – and it’s on Hallowe’en/ Samhain, no less! Talk about heightened spiritual connection! This Full Moon in Taurus is a witchy lunar goddess’s dream.

The Full Moon takes place at 2.49pm in the UK and will be in the Earth sign of Taurus, so expect some stable, practical energy flowing through the ether.

Taurus also brings with it sensuality and a need for financial, physical and emotional security.

What can I do during the Full Moon in Taurus?

During this moon, it’s a good time to do things like:

  • Take stock of your financial outgoings. Why not clear out the receipts in your purse?
  • Make sound investments. Phone a broker for advice.
  • Think of what will make you feel more secure. Implement it.
  • Set some routines to make your life easier. Perhaps do some meal planning.
  • Embrace your sensuality. Go on… eat your favourite foods and wear some sexy lingerie.
  • Keep the green-eyed monster in check. Your competitor is NOT doing it better than you.
  • Investigate any problems with your neck, thyroid, vocal chords or throat. Taurus rules these areas.
  • Avoid missing opportunities by being too stubborn.
  • Clear out clutter. Taurus is a bit of a hoarder.

Release and let go at the Full Moon

As always, Full Moons are a time to release and let go of things that we don’t need any more. Remember to look back on any intentions you set at the last New Moon and adjust or release any that you feel are not of benefit to you. Mars and Mercury are both still retrograde at the moment so don’t be too tough on yourself if you haven’t made huge progress.

Download your FREE Full Moon in Taurus worksheet

If you’d like some prompts and guidance on how to work the Full Moon energy then click here for a FREE Nibbled Apple Full Moon in Taurus worksheet. There are lots of ideas for things you can do.

Fun facts:

  • It’s called the Hunter’s Moon because, in days gone by, we stocked up on food to see us through the cold winter.
  • This moon is a minimoon because the moon is at the furthest point away from us in its orbit.

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