7 perfect Christmas gifts for witches

Gifts for witches
Christmas gifts for witches

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for the witches in your life…

Hallowe’en has been and gone but it doesn’t mean you need to shy away from potions, pentacles and tarot packs. Winter Solstice (or Yule) is nearly upon us and, like all of the fire festivals, it is a time of great magical importance in the Pagan Wheel of the Year.

What is Winter Solstice?

Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year. It’s a time for celebrating the rebirth of the sun and welcoming the light into our lives again as the days begin to get longer.

On a fun note, Winter Solstice and Yule celebrations also include the giving of presents (as if we need to be asked twice). To get in the Yuletide spirit, I’ve had a look around and found you 7 amazing Christmas gifts for witches in your life. Go on… spoil your coven! (Or keep them for yourself. It’s a hag’s prerogative.)

Witchy gifts for Christmas

Winter Solstice Candle

Candles are a perfect Christmas gift for witches

If winter solstice were to take wax form then this would be it. This hand-poured soy candle is packed with elements to celebrate the festive season. It includes: black obsidian and garnet crystals, a clear quartz point, sloe berries, star anise and cloves. It doesn’t get more Christmassy than that.

(£10.39 Ruby Moonlight)

Yule Witch Ball

A witch's ball is a good protection gift at Christmas

Hung as a blessing or for protection, witch balls have been used by many people over the centuries to ward off evil. They are said to be charged with protective energies and this one comes adorned with a blessed pentacle charm and contains a mix of festive botanicals.

(£12.99 Silver Tree Grove)

Christmas Essential Oils Starter Pack

Essential oils are a great Christmas present for a witch

A comforting combination of scents to trigger feelings of happiness and nostalgia. Essential oils of frankincense, clove bud, cinnamon bark, myrrh and orange sweet will make every bath and room smell like Christmas.

(£16.96 Mystic Moments)

Christmas Mini Bath Bomb Gift Set

Every witch wants bath salts for a Christmas present

A decadent little box of bath time delights which includes an orange and cinnamon bath bomb, salts, fizzy stars and shea butter soap. You can also add a personalised message of your choice.

(£12.50 Fig & Wick)

Christmas Yule Altar in a Jar

A witch will love to be gifted with things for her Christmas altar

A perfectly minimalist altar offering. Use it to welcome the sun back in to your life during the Winter Solstice. It contains orange peel, star anise, juniper, clear quartz, clove and cinnamon and is beautifully sealed with drip-effect silver wax.

(£13.00 Karmic Moon Creations)

Gold Foil Moon Calendar 2021

Gift a lunar phase calendar to a witch at Christmas

Every good witch knows her moon phases… we just need to be reminded sometimes. This A5 digital print with gold foil finish will keep you on track from waxing gibbous to the full moon.

(£15.00 Lunar Soul Store)

Leather Journal with Lock, Pentagram & Besom

The perfect Christmas gift for a witch - A book of shadows

Are you even a witch if you don’t have a Book of Shadows to log your spells in? It doesn’t get more grimoire than this.

(£23.99 Tir Na Nog)

What do you think? Are these the perfect Christmas gifts for witches? Will you buy any?

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