What is distance reiki healing and will it work for you?

Reiki power and distance healing symbols

You don’t always need to be close to something for it to have an effect. Many things can send energy or information over long distances. I’m thinking worldwide computer networks, radio waves, satellites, Hugh Jackman’s sex appeal (ha! I would say I’m joking on that last one but, well, we know it’s true…).

Did you know that reiki can do the same (not the sex appeal part, obviously)? The beautiful thing about reiki is that it can travel over distance and time so the recipient does not need to be in the same room as the person sending the healing. Now is that quite possibly as perfect as Wolverine’s sideburns?

When can distance reiki be used?

Distance reiki (also known as absentee reiki) can be sent to help with a situation in the past, present or future.

Examples of when it can be used are:

  • To send positive energy to an important event such as a job interview, wedding, test or operation.
  • To send healing energy to an event from your past which has affected you (we cannot change the event but we can help heal by reframing and changing how we feel about it).
  • To help you towards a goal (poolside drinks with Hugh anyone?).
  • To soothe an ailment or illness.

What do I need to do?

First of all, you need to find a reiki practitioner and agree a time and date for the session. To receive distance reiki you don’t need to do anything but it is good if you can manage to find a quiet space to sit, lie down or meditate so that you are in a receptive state. Don’t worry if this isn’t possible – the healing energy will still find you! A session typically lasts from fifteen to thirty minutes, although this can vary depending on the person sending it. The exact method of the treatment will also vary from healer to healer so don’t worry if you go to someone new and they do things differently.

Your healer may also ask for your photo, age, location and any intention you would like the healing to help with – for example, a pain you are suffering from or an important presentation you have to give in future at work. These details will help your healer connect with you, especially if you haven’t met in person before. (Please only ever give out information you feel comfortable sharing – your healer will not be offended and can still send reiki to you.)


It’s always good to receive permission before sending someone reiki, but sometimes you may feel it’s wise to go ahead without it. For example, if someone you know is in a coma or if you have no way of contacting a person but you know they need support. In these cases, the healer can ask for a ‘bridge of permission’. If this is done, then an agreement is made between the higher self of the person receiving reiki and the higher self of the person sending reiki to allow the healing to take place. The reiki will only be received if it is for the person’s better good.

What should I expect from a distance reiki session?

You may feel a lot of the same physical sensations as you would in a hands-on session: warmth, tingling, feeling relaxed, seeing colours. However, you may not feel anything – rest assured, the reiki is still working.

Who benefits from distance reiki?

Distance reiki is a great healing method for those who:

  • don’t have easy access to a reiki practitioner
  • feel uncomfortable receiving hands-on treatment
  • are time-poor
  • want to preserve their privacy (no one except your healer need know you are receiving the treatment)
  • have a loved one who needs healing but has no way of asking for it

You don’t have to have an illness or be in pain to receive reiki. Regular sessions will help keep your chakras unblocked and aligned and your energy flowing smoothly, which in turn helps reduce illness and stress.

If you are interested in receiving reiki, find out more here.

Note: Reiki should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult a GP or other health professional for medical attention and advice.