5 ways to start your day with a yay!

Why is it that when you wake up feeling grumpy you always then go on to stub your toe on the bed frame/ step on the plug of your straightening iron/ spill the carton of breakfast milk or catch your jacket on the door handle as you rush to work? Is the world out to get you? 

The reason bad things happen when we’re in a foul mood is because when we put negative energy ‘out there’ it’s acting as a magnet to attract even more back. Yikes! But luckily we can do something about it. 

First thing in the morning, I’m like a toddler who’s been given the wrong colour of cup. Rather than be doomed to a day of red traffic lights and zero Aldi parking spaces I incorporate a few things into my morning routine to shift my energy into a positive state. Hopefully they can help you too…

1. Light a candle and dedicate it to the one thing you want to accomplish or focus on that day. This week I have been focussing on starting up my new crystal and reiki therapy business and I’ve been lighting a candle for this. I find it helps to make me focus on that one thing for the day.

2. Burn incense. Incense has been used for hundreds of years by monks and spiritual leaders to help shift and purify the air and cleanse the energy of the room. I love that you can pick different scents to match your needs. Today I picked one called “confidence”.

3. Imagine all negativity running off you in the shower. This is great as it really helps coax your mind into thinking all is well. If you are experienced in reiki you can incorporate that too. 

4. Meditate or ground yourself. The longer you can spend on this the better. It’s often the hardest thing to find time for. I have two children age five and under so I find time is scarce! I set my alarm for 5 minutes earlier than I need to get up and I lie in bed and imagine myself being grounded to the earth. I also imagine a white protective bubble coming down over me to keep out any negativity.

5. Brush yourself down with a selenite wand. I love doing this as selenite is a great cleansing crystal and clears anything negative attached to you and your aura. My two children and I take turns of brushing each other down from top to bottom and front to back. They find it really fun.

What things do you do to start your day on a positive note? I’d love to hear them.