What’s the point of speeding up if your body is slowing down?

Sometimes I like to tinker with words, just for fun. Here’s something to read if you feel exhausted with keeping up with modern life…

“Stay in your lane”, they say. “Put your foot to the floor. You’ll go further faster.” But what’s the point of speeding up if your body is slowing down. It’s taking the hit. You feel it. You’re careering top speed towards a destination you’re not even sure you want to reach.

The lush landscape is whizzing tantalisingly by and you desperately want to stop to take it all in. But nature’s healing tonic never reaches your lips because modern madness is pushing you forward. Look! A double rainbow! A robin red breast with signs from loved ones long departed! A message shaped specially for you in the clouds! Did you see them? No? Take your foot off the gas, sweet soul, you’re driving too fast.

“Don’t slow down, someone will overtake you,” they whisper.

But, don’t you see? You should be looking forwards, not backwards. That’s where beautiful opportunities lie waiting. Let them catch up and speed by you. They’re not on your unique route. Be happy for them and hope they’re going where they want to and not where others tell them. Choose the same for yourself too; because what do others know about what will make you happy?

Bungee or Book? Top speed or taking it slow. Gregarious or give me peace. We’re all different. You do you.

Ease up if you have to. Slow it down. Go the speed that suits you. After all, what’s the use in pushing yourself if the force rips you apart.

Get in the lane you want to. Or better still, go off the beaten track.

Crystal healing for focus

This month I’m all about ‘focus’. I am offering a special ‘focus on focus’ crystal healing session that uses mind crystals such as sodalite, clear quartz, labradorite, amethyst, smoky quartz and fluorite to help encourage clear thinking, draw off negativity and bring in organisation and structure. It’s £25 for 1-hour at The Loft Glasgow

Contact me if you’d like to know more.