A full moon in Virgo ritual

Invite in a more orderly life with this full moon in Virgo ritual

Full moon in Virgo ritual bath

I’ve created this full moon in Virgo ritual to help me get back on track. Why? Because sometimes I feel like a character out of the Mr. Men programme. No, not Little Miss Sunshine (but thank you if you thought that!). I’m the one that looks like regurgitated pink wavy spaghetti. Yes, I’m 100% Mr. Messy.

 Years of being in the Covid swamp while being newly self-employed and bringing up two young girls has made me a hot squiggly mass of fuschia chaos. 

 In fact, if I were a metaphor, I’d be Monica’s cupboard. I appear passable from the outside. But when you open my door and take a proper look I’m made up of a purse full of scrunched up 2021 receipts and a shelf of out of date herbs and spices. 

 Yet, recently, I’ve been craving order in my life again. I’m ready to clean out that musty condiment cupboard and stack things up nicely.

 That’s why I’m looking forward to the full moon in Virgo this week. With its structured, organised vibes it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and get practical. 

 If you’ve been feeling all over the place, too, then this lunar energy will hand you moon marigolds to clean up your life.

 Scroll down for some of the simple things I’ll be doing. I hope they help you unravel your messy pink strings (eek sounds dirty, I didn’t mean it) and reshape yourself into Little Miss I’ve Got My Shizzle Together. That’s what I’m aiming for.

What happens when the moon is in Virgo?

Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. When the full moon is in Virgo the energy feels solid and grounded. If your head’s been in the clouds lately and you’ve been avoiding reality then this lunar phase will help bring you back down to earth. But, because Virgo loves to pay attention to detail it can make you a bit pernickety or anxious as well. So watch out for that.

It’s also the last full moon before we move into the new astrological year. This makes it one of the best ones to let go of things you don’t want in your life as we are about to embark on a fresh start when the Aries sun comes around.

Easy Virgo full moon rituals

Ideas of things to do for the full moon in Virgo

Ground yourself

Take full advantage of the practical, earthy Virgo energy. Sit with some grounding crystals such as black tourmaline or red jasper. Imagine roots coming out of your feet into the ground. Picture them going all the way to the earth’s core and wrapping around a large crystal. Or you could go out walking barefoot and soak up Mother Earth’s grounding energy.

Let go of being a perfectionist

Full moons shine a light on everything. This makes them a good time to look at where you’ve been self-sabotaging yourself. With the moon now in perfectionist Virgo you might find the voice of your inner critic goes up a notch or ten. Be aware of every instance where you tell yourself you’re not good enough. Replace this with an affirmation that counteracts it. For example, if you hear yourself saying, “I’m not as experienced as her,” then say instead, “I have all the knowledge I need to do the task.”  Or, if your ego whispers, “I’ll never be a success,” then say, “I am competent, capable and deserving of success.” Studies have proven that saying affirmations tricks our subconscious brain into believing it’s true. 

List all the ways you think you’re not good enough

Now, next to each of them, write some evidence as to why that’s not true. Again, we’re trying to let go of perfectionist tendencies here. Maybe you think you’re not qualified enough. But actually, you’ve got loads of qualifications. Or, your clients are all delighted with your work so, actually, qualifications aren’t the be-all and end-all. You can burn this piece of paper as part of your full moon ritual.

Embrace the healing energy of the Virgo full moon...

by lying down and doing a chakra cleanse meditation. Try to pick one that suits your particular issue. So, if you’re not body confident, for example, then you could focus on your solar plexus chakra to give you confidence. Place a crystal such as citrine on it for an extra boost (the solar plexus is just below your belly button).  Choose crystals to suit your own particular need.

Make plans

Get your diary out and start scheduling. Virgo is your organised pal of the zodiac. Think about all the things you want to achieve in the new astrological year. Write them down. Are there things standing in the way of achieving them? Write them down too. Can you think of one action you can take to overcome these blocks? Contemplate it then start to work on these actions when the new moon in Aries comes around in a couple of weeks.

Love and forgive yourself

Work with crystals such as rose quartz to encourage you to love and forgive yourself. You could simply hold them in your hand while you meditate. Or create a circle of rose quartz and sit within it. Rose quartz is safe in water so put some in the bath and enjoy its healing vibration while you soak. You could also pop one in your bra or pocket or under your pillow after setting the intention into it that you will love yourself as you are. Full moon rituals don’t need to be complicated, remember.

How to create a Virgo full moon bath

Ritual baths are my favourite thing to do at full (and new) moons. They don’t need to be fancy. It could be as simple as shaking in some Epsom salts. Then soak in the bath and imagine all blockages within you seeping out into the water (and then down the plughole when you’re finished). Or just use the time to think about what hasn’t worked for you these last two weeks since you made your new moon wishes. If you want to go deeper then look back on the last six months since you made your wishes when the new moon was in Virgo. We work in moon cycles for the best outcome.

Baths are my thing (don’t worry if they’re not yours. Focus on another ritual instead). So, sometimes I like to go a little extra. If you feel like you have the energy to do a more elaborate ritual bath then feel free to copy what I’m doing this month…

For this full moon in Virgo ritual bath, you’ll need:

  • Grounding or self-love crystals, e.g. red jasper for grounding or rose quartz for self-love (if you use other crystals then make sure they’re safe in water)
  • Purifying bath salts 
  • White candles
  • Rosemary
  • Flowers (optional)
Full Moon in Virgo Ritual Bath Ingredients

Step-by-step Virgo full moon ritual bath

  • Run your bath and add the salts (cleansing and grounding). I’m using Hint of Vanilla from Handmade Haven. The Himalayan and Epsom salts in it encourage regeneration and purification. The vanilla makes the bath smell yum. The lady makes trial sachets that cost £1.35 so it doesn’t break the bank. The packaging is compostable, too. I top it up with some extra Epsom salts that I buy in bulk. 
  • Next, add the rosemary (healing and purifying) and flowers (pretty and symbolic). You can put the rosemary in a muslin cloth if you don’t want lots of herbs floating around. Since the Virgo full moon is on a Friday I’m going to add roses, as this symbol corresponds to this particular day. They’re also a symbol of love. I want to silence my inner critic and show myself compassion, so that’s why I feel drawn to them for this particular bath. But you can add any you feel drawn to. This is your bath and should make you happy.
  • Light your candle (or candles) with intent. I’ve chosen white as this colour is symbolic for purification. And Virgo is a very healing sign. 
  • Think of something you always criticise yourself for. Now say an affirmation that tells you that you are the opposite. (e.g. if you feel like your life is chaotic then say “My life is orderly and I only keep what I need in my life.”)
  • If you’re lighting multiple candles then say an affirmation each time you light one. It can be the same affirmation if you really want to focus on that one or you can do a few different ones. While you’re saying them, remember to stare into the flame and really concentrate on the words. Believe it. 
  • Now hold your crystals and keep saying your affirmation over and over as you imagine the essence of it going into the crystal (you’re programming the crystal with your intention). Gently place them in the bath and then step in and soak up their healing energy. I’ve chosen rose quartz for self-love and clear quartz for all-over healing and to amplify the other crystals.
  • I like to continue to stare into the flame of the candles as I relax. Sometimes I imagine I can see things within the fire.
  • If you can manage to write while in the bath then journal some things you’d like to release. My free full moon in Virgo worksheet can help guide you. Burn the paper safely once you’re out of the bath to release the energy into the ether and cleanse you of anything you don’t want to keep in your life.


Then, relax. I can’t go in a bath without reading a book. The one in the picture above is Lunar Living by Kirsty Gallagher. It’s one of my go-to moon books and I’ve learned loads from it.

Crystals for the Virgo full moon

Here are some crystal suggestions for the full moon in Virgo… 

  • Peridot
  • Garnet
  • Moonstone
  • Red Jasper

But, as always. Go with you’re drawn to. You will instinctively know what you need.

Crystals for the Virgo full moon

Virgo full moon affirmations

Use these full moon in Virgo affirmations to trick your subconscious mind into believing it’s true. Say them while you’re in the bath. Or light an intention candle as you think them over and over. Writing them down is also a good option. Then burn the paper to release the energy into the universe.

Virgo full moon affirmations

When is the full moon in Virgo 2022?

The full moon in Virgo takes place on the 18th March 2022 at 07:17 (UK Time).

If you’d like to delve deeper into this lunar energy then click here to download a free full moon in Virgo worksheet.

So, there you go, everything you need to get your full moon in Virgo ritual started.

That’s all the things I’ll be focussing on during my full moon in Virgo rituals. Let me know which one you like best.