How to see out 2020 in style with the New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius

It’s New Moon in Sagittarius day! Yay! And a total solar eclipse too. Yay! But it’s not visible in the UK. Not so yay! Still, as we already know, we don’t need to see the eclipse to feel its powerful energy and opportunity for change. (But, if you do want to watch it then NASA […]

How the Full Moon in Gemini will help you send that awkward email

Full Moon in Gemini

2020 has been a bumpy ride, to say the least, but November’s penumbral lunar eclipse and Beaver Full Moon in Gemini could help steer you back on your soul’s true course. As eclipses go, a penumbral is probably the least jaw-dropping of them all. It occurs when the sun, earth and moon are imperfectly aligned. […]