Why the New Moon in Sagittarius will press your fun switch

It’s New Moon in Sagittarius day! Yay!

Things to do for New Moon in Sagittarius

What does a New Moon in Sagittarius bring?

The New Moon is in Sagittarius this month. This is ideal because Sagittarius is ever the optimist, and if we don’t need a dose of that right now then my kids don’t say “mum” 906 times a day.

You know me by now, I love doing moon work but I can also suffer from lazytitis so I don’t manage to nail my New Moon intentions every single month. However, believe me when I say that nothing (not even Jamie Dornan riding in on a meteorite and shouting “You should have married ME, Lynsey!”) will stop me from doing it tonight or tomorrow.

That’s because Sagittarius is giving me zest to go after those big dreams I have. For me, it feels like a total missed opportunity this month if I don’t work with what’s going on in the ether.

Things to do for New Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is fun, adventurous and loves to travel and learn new things. If you’re interested in doing some moon work around this kind of energy then here are some ideas for this New Moon:


      • Publish something (an ebook, a guest blog etc.)

      • Learn something new (join a course, research a topic you’re interested in)

      • Book a holiday or read a travel book

      • Do something adventurous (climb a Munro, kiss a hottie under the mistletoe)

      • Do fun things and be silly (play with your kids, don’t take things too seriously)

      • Write down anything you’re worried about then try to imagine the situation working out okay

      • Attend to any legal matters you may have

    And, of course, remember to download my FREE New Moon worksheet if you’d like some prompts and guidance.

    Happy New Moon!

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