Use these 8 crystals for Christmas chill

Crystals for Christmas Chill

Don’t get caught up in festive franticness, enlist these crystals for Christmas calmness. Michael Buble has come out of his cave to croon us into a swoon – and that can only mean one thing… iiiiit’s Christmas! It would be great if this meant a happy holiday bubble of constant mince pies for brunch and […]

5 crystals for Thanksgiving harmony

Crystals for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude, joy and spending time with loved ones. It’s also a time of family squabbles, heightened emotions and mourning the overdone turkey. If you’re dreading Aunt Senga’s catty comments about your below par roast potatoes, and you know the odds are high that you’ll blow your top at Uncle Raymond’s […]

Which Crystals for Coronavirus Lockdown?

Amethyst, Green Calcite, Lepidolite, Blue Kyanite

I don’t think I’ve felt quite so many emotions in such a short space of time than I have during this coronavirus lockdown. I’ve felt: sadness for all the people affected; anger at the people ignoring advice; anxiety about money (I’m self-employed); helplessness because I can’t go out and support vulnerable people the way I […]

Crystals for healing: how does it work?

Why do people use crystals for healing? Here’s the background… Crystals are used to make modern technology work Did you know that crystals vibrate at a very precise frequency? When you think about it, it’s not too surprising as everything on this planet gives off its own energy and has its own electromagnetic field. What’s […]

I’m yang but I’m yin (and the chaos that brings)

These words are for people who feel ALL the emotions. It can be overwhelming and it can be intense. It can feel like there’s something wrong with you. There’s not. You’re just human and we’re meant to be brimming with emotions. That’s the beauty of being alive.⠀⠀Some humans feel more emotions than others. ?‍♀️ Some hide their […]

6 crystals to help with anxiety

Crystals to help with anxiety

Are you feeling anxious? It is the modern disease of our society and so many of us are debilitated by it. If the usual methods aren’t working for you then why not try crystals to help with anxiety? After losing someone dear to me, I went through periods of anxiousness. I didn’t want to be […]

A crystal grid for a hospital operation or injury

My partner, Kenny, was in hospital recently for an operation that required a general anaesthetic. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone you love go through pain so, needless to say, I was a bit anxious while waiting for the call to tell me all went well. Instead of idling around being stressed and of no […]