Don’t get stung by the full moon eclipse in Scorpio

There’s nothing like a full moon eclipse in Scorpio to shake your shadows to life. Click here for your free full moon in Scorpio work guide Scorpio energy is intense and dark. It doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds though. This sign is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, meaning there’s […]

Why your life is in the balance at the full moon in Libra

Libra Themes

Use the full moon in Libra to tip your relationship scales and find harmony Click here for your free full moon in Libra work guide Balance and relationships. These are the main cosmic themes brought up by the full moon in airy Libra on Saturday. Seamlessly juggling work and family life is the big holy […]

A full moon in Virgo ritual

Full moon in Virgo ritual bath

Invite in a more orderly life with this full moon in Virgo ritual I’ve created this full moon in Virgo ritual to help me get back on track. Why? Because sometimes I feel like a character out of the Mr. Men programme. No, not Little Miss Sunshine (but thank you if you thought that!). I’m […]

Why the Sagittarius full moon makes you playful

And things you can do during it. After this year’s joy-sapping events, the full moon in Sagittarius will bring us huge relief. How will the Sagittarius full moon affect you? Cheerful by nature, Sagittarius is fun, friendly and eager for life’s opportunities. If you need a pick-me-up then step into this lunar energy around the […]

Why you might feel ‘needy’ during the full moon in Cancer

Things to do for the full moon in cancer

Let’s say “bye-bye” to this crazy year by using the energy of its final full moon (in Cancer). The full moon in Cancer occurs tomorrow at 3.28am (UK time) and it’s the perfect time to let go of any hostility, regrets or resentment – which I’m sure we all have a LOT of after the […]

How the Full Moon in Gemini will help you send that awkward email

Full Moon in Gemini

2020 has been a bumpy ride, to say the least, but November’s penumbral lunar eclipse and Beaver Full Moon in Gemini could help steer you back on your soul’s true course. As eclipses go, a penumbral is probably the least jaw-dropping of them all. It occurs when the sun, earth and moon are imperfectly aligned. […]

Things to do during the Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for… the second Full Moon of the month, the Hunter’s Blue Moon – and it’s on Hallowe’en/ Samhain, no less! Talk about heightened spiritual connection! This Full Moon in Taurus is a witchy lunar goddess’s dream. The Full Moon takes place at 2.49pm in the UK and will be […]

Things to do for the Full Moon in Aries

Face your fears with the gutsy Full Moon in Aries on the 20th October 2021 (UK). Step up to this full moon in Aries as if you’re the cowardly lion and our lunar friend is the Wizard of Oz. And in return, you might get the courage you’ve always wanted. The first sign of the […]

What to do at the Full Moon in Pisces

Click here for a downloadable Full Moon in Pisces worksheet! It’s nearly time for full moon in Pisces… The next full moon in the UK is on 2nd September 2020 at 6.22am and is known as the “corn moon” (because this is when crops are typically gathered at the end of the summer season). Often, […]